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We are a professional no fuss, no mess roof service in Leighy. You will find an energetic, flexible, dedicated working team who are ready to work hard for their customers. We pride our self’s on the belief that we will be the best roof cleaning company in the UK one day. Having a positive attitude alongside a high work rate is our secret to success. Did you know you can make your old roof look like new again? 

We take pride in our work

We take pride in ourselves on having the very best roof cleaning and restoration products. Therefore we can clean and restore roofs bringing back your property’s kerb appeal.

Call In the Expert Roof Cleaners!

If your roof is looking tired and mossy, our professional roof cleaning services will scrape moss and grime from all the roof tiles. Including most types of stains caused by atmospheric pollution, unsightly bird droppings, led stains, discolouration, and green algae. We cover all of the Leighy areas.

High-pressure cleaning may remove moss from the roof, but the aggressive jets of water will damage the tiles long term. Also you risk flooding the loft, and there is a good chance that the moss will grow back faster than before. Our roof cleaning process completely removes moss, lichen, algae, fungi and other pollutants from tiles. Our team will enhance the appearance of the roof and add value to your property. Although the moss and algae organisms do not themselves cause the damage to the roofing tiles. A large build-up of moss and algae can create the conditions to accelerate the degrading of the tiles. In the long term it will reduce the overall life span of your roof too.

So we do not power wash roofs

Let us remove all the moss using a scraper. And once the roof is fully cleared of its moss we will apply a fungicidal treatment. A wet and forget product that kills all the lichen it also removes stains. Plus the product keeps cleaning with every rainy day. It is possible to complete a roof cleaning project without pressure washing, but know the chemicals do take a little time to work.

How Long Does It Take?

We would expect the roof cleaning process to take some time to work. Allow roughly 4-6 weeks after the excess moss is initially removed and the product begins to work. Our entire roof cleaning work is carried out safely. We have access to scaffolding if it is needed. And all our team are also harnessed when carrying out roof cleaning. BrightWhite is an expert in roof renovation/roof cleaning industry and offer the most competitive prices in the Leighy area.

Here’s how it works…

Your dedicated BrightWhite Roof cleaning expert will come to your home to do a site assessment for health and safety purposes.

And listen to your cleaning requirements.

You will be given a paper written quote.

At the appointed day and time our roof cleaning expert will call prior to the time of arrival.

The nuisance of moss on your roof

Like many cities and towns in the UK moss on roofs in Leighy is not just an unsightly issue. Lots of people ignore it simply because they think that it just spoils the condition of their roofs with power washing. However, the moss can also cause issues causing leaks and broken roof tiles. Do not forget the annoying blocked gutters and drains. We provide a roof cleaning service for moss removal  Leighy.

Roof Tile Sealing Leighy

You can further prevent the deterioration of your roof tiles by applying a roof tile sealant. The products we use come with a 10 year guarantee and it will help protect your roof for longer. The roof tile sealer will make roof tiles more water resistant which in turn makes it harder for moss to grow on them. Therefore, there is no need to carry out the expensive replacement of a new roof. But just because there is substantial moss growth roof cleaning and moss removal Leighy may be all you need.

How does it affect your energy bills if your roof tiles are damp?

Damp roof tiles can contribute to higher energy bills due to the transfer of heat from inside to out. Applying a quality roof tile sealer can help reduce energy bills by keeping the roof tiles dry. It will also improve the appearance of a roof as well as creating an invisible barrier to prevent moss re-growth.

Why Choose Us?

Because we have a proven track record for finishing work to the highest standards only using the latest equipment. And we will arrive on site dressed in uniform and on time. You can rely on us to do the job without any problems. We offer great value for money with fixed quotes.

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