Are you looking for a local uPVC paint spraying company that covers the Oldham area?

Deciding between upvc paint spraying Oldham companies to choose from? We’re here to help, offering top-quality, reliable upvc window and door paint spraying services in your area.

Choosing to change the colour of your uPVC is now a very popular alternative compared to the cost of replacing all your uPVC and it is cheaper too.

With 100’s of different uPVC spray paint colours to choose from. we spray uPVC and will make your uPVC look new again. We only use high-quality uPVC spray paints that are durable, weather resistant, and offer a 10-year guarantee.

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    Looking for a uPVC spraying specialist in Oldham?

    The uPVC spray paint that we apply, guarantees against cracking, peeling and is very colour stable.

    The latest uPVC spray paints are helping people change from white to a more modern colour like grey, black or green. You may have noticed a lot of your neighbours have updated their uPVC already.

    A lot of our customers also ask us if we can match to colours from other paint manufacturers. We can do this too and are more than happy to talk to you about any colour matches you may have in mind.

    BrightWhite UPVC has over 13 years of experience in uPVC restoration and now we also offer to spray uPVC windows in Oldham .

    It’s well known that the cost of replacing your uPVC windows or doors can easily exceed the £1000’s. Especially with the ever-growing cost of living prices where uPVC windows and doors now have gone up massively.

    Choosing to spray paint your uPVC windows and doors is much cheaper and still, it can modernise the look.

    We spray uPVC, conservatory, fascia, soffit, gutters, fences, walls, garage doors and even offer a roof spraying service covering Oldham.

    If you have found us by searching Google for spray paint uPVC near me then know that we will 100% cover your area.

    Our team here at BrightWhite UPVC are hardworking and takes the utmost care to the smallest of details in its work.

    We are customer focused and aim to offer an excellent uPVC window & door spray painting service in Oldham .

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    Why has your uPVC sprayed?

    Is your existing white UPVC windows and doors looking past their best? Want to change the colour? And add value to your home? If so, there’s a good chance we can refresh them by spraying them.

    You may be looking for a complete colour change. Then if your uPVC window frames and glass is in tip-top condition after our restoration services, we can spray them in any chosen colour.

    The best bit is you can save yourselves up to 70% compared to the cost and hassle of replacing.

    How long does a job like uPVC spraying take?

    We can tell you when we quote you for the work you want us to do but an average full house uPVC spray which includes all windows and doors can take 2 days.

    It totally depends on what we must spray windows, doors, garages, conservatory, gutters, etc.

     You can change to any colour using uPVC spray paint and we have not come across any type of UPVC that can’t be sprayed yet either.

    The most important step is to make sure it is all tediously cleaned and who else can do that like we can and have done so throughout Oldham  for over 13+ years.

    How much does uPVC spraying cost?

    No job is identical to the last one done. We will need to view the old silicone and its current condition before we reach the uPVC paint spraying stage. So, it’s best to price up every job individually.

    With uPVC paint spraying, we must consider a few issues you could have especially when working out a quote for uPVC paint spraying.

    Does it depend on how many windows and doors there are? Some windows are bigger than other windows.

    Is there going to be a large amount of sealant that will need to be replaced? Does it need a uPVC restoration job before spraying? How long will this take? Is it all accessible? Will we need our scaffold tower, or will we need to hire one?

    Our quotes include labour, paint, and materials. All quotes are estimated quotes only and Free No-Obligation. Please get in touch with us for more information about your free quote.

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    Our Customer After Care:

    Like anybody you will obviously be concerned about the uPVC paint in the future will it keep its colour and durability?

    You can be assured that we are not using the cheaper alternative uPVC paints by only using high-quality paint that we know has been tried and tested.

    The uPVC paints we use have been researched extensively. It is weather resistant, flexible, and durable enough to cope with constant temperature changes and helps protect the uPVC from the sun’s UV.

    The most important stage when spraying UPVC is its preparation. The area to be sprayed must be immaculately clean.

    Where required we can take out the opening windows as this allows us better access to reach all areas, we use a strong restoration uPVC cleaning solvent cleaner specially designed for restoring old UPVC windows, doors, etc.

    If the preparation has been done properly there is no worry about the coating not adhering properly.

    It can be wiped and cleaned with a soft sponge using soapy water. However, like any paint, it will be damaged by the use of any billow pad cleaning or solvents, etc.

    UPVC spray paint guarantee:

    BrightWhite UPVC can guarantee the paint and finish for 10 years.

    There could be times when you could damage the uPVC paintwork within these 10 years which is out of our control and we cannot guarantee.

    Just to give you an example let’s say your window cleaner scratches a sill with his ladder. In this case, you don’t need to worry we can come out and rectify this but for a standard charge.

    We aim to give all our customers new or old 100% satisfaction.

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