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Roof Cleaning Services Manchester

High-pressure cleaning may remove moss from the roof, but the aggressive jets of water may remove and damage tiles and other roof fittings, risk flooding a loft, and there is a good chance that the moss will grow back faster than before. Our unique roof cleaning process completely removes moss, lichen, algae, fungi and other pollutants from tiles, slates enhancing the appearance of the roof and adding value to your property. Although the moss and algae organisms do not themselves cause the damage to the roofing tiles, they often create the conditions to accelerate the degrading of tiles and reduce the overall life span of a roof. We remove all moss using brushes only on a dry day once the roof is fully cleared and the gutters are emptied we apply a wet and forget product this kills all the lichen and removes the stains with every rainy day, It is possible to complete a roof cleaning project without pressure washing, but the chemicals do take a little time to work. This roof cleaning process can take some time roughly 4-6 weeks after the excess moss is initially removed but there is no damage to the surface of the tile. All work is carried out with safety at the front of our minds if the scaffold is needed we can provide all staff is also harnessed. BrightWhite is expert in roof renovation/roof cleaning and our professional roof cleaning services are offered at the most competitive prices in the area. Call us on 0161 284 0618.

Here’s how it works…

Your dedicated BrightWhite Roof cleaning expert will come to your home to do a site assessment for health and safety purposes

and listen to your cleaning needs.

You will be given a paper written quote which includes our promise you will be amazed by our quality roof cleaning services.

At the appointed day and time our roof cleaning expert will call prior to the time of arrival.

We do not take upfront payments and we are more than confident in our standards of work.